Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Life at 50, and then some

First an introduction.  My name is Will and I'm 54. I don't feel 54, but yet there it is on my license so it must be true. I live in South Florida with my wife and young Daughter. We live in what most people would call the country. I am a Nationally Board certified Educator of about 20 years. My blog will be about almost anything that strikes me as important or funny. Sometimes it will be hard to tell the difference. My main interest will be motorcycling, Health , and life at and after 50. I hope you enjoy.

So lately it seems that I have come up with this blinding realization. Ready...54 is not a good time to start ignoring you health. I know , astounding aren't I. This got me thinking, and yes writing.

For the last 2 weeks I have been eating better, going to the gym, and made a commitment to lose fat and look and feel better by June. That why when I started to have stomach problems on Sunday evening, I was a little surprised. It was Christmas day and the wife asked what I would like for dinner. After a moment of weakness "Italian Sausage with peppers and onions" came out of my mouth I swear I looked around for Jeff Dunham.  What the Hell it was a holiday and I could live it up a little. I should also tell you that I had been taking some Antibiotics for a chest cold that was staying passed it's welcome. Dinner was great! Until about 8pm when the pain in my stomach started. Since it got worse and I'm a big baby, we decided that the hospital needed a donation.  Now that reason we waited until 2am was it took that long for my wife to convince me that being double over in pain was probably a bad thing. So we wake the kid get everyone dressed and head out. Now all this time I'm thinking OK we'll get there they'll give something to calm my stomach and we'll head home. Eh, no. Before I know whats happening I have IV's hooked up, pain meds running through my body (that was actually a good part) and I'm being admitted. I have had more sports injuries than and NFL linebacker, but I've never had to spend a night in a Hospital. Next come Cat scans, Ultrasounds and about 20 people asking me about my Bowel movements like it was a book I'm reading. "so, when was the last time we had a BM, what did it look like?" Hey glad you asked, I was hoping we could have a nice long conversation about that. BTW what's this we stuff. If you mean me, say so. The next question is" have you had anything like this before?" No Einstein in 54 years I've never had a stomach ache. Then the magic word " Diverticulitis" . Holy Shit !! excuse the pun, but that's all it took. Next thing I know I have 6 Doctors 8 nurses and God knows who else asking the same questions. The next 36 hours are just something out of a Stephen King book.  OK here is where the fun really begins. I'm put in this room with 2 beds. Not the worst room, but then again no one else was in the other bed. Now I'm still thinking that Hell they'll just let me go in the morning. Eh, no.  I'm told that I can't eat or drink and that they are going to give me bag upon bag of IV antibiotics and saline. So, they hook me up to this machine that keeps feeding me this cocktail. Now at this point I'm thinking, hey no one has even said what the hell is wrong!!! Then the parade starts day nurse, nurse tech, the Vampire who needs my blood, the doctor that's filling in for my regular Doctor who is on vacation in Spain, the internist, the infectious disease Dr., the Gastro Dr. and someone called my "case manager.  I keep asking, can someone tell me what wrong? Eh, no. About this time I realize I'm in a bed that has to be an invention of the The Marquis de Sade. My back staring cramping so bad that I spent the night in a reclining chair. Oh, just a side note, does it really have to be cold enough to hang meat in the room???? The next Dr, was the infectious disease guy. He proceeds to tell me that I'm going to have to be on intravenous for about 2 weeks. He wants to put in a pic. That's a line that runs in your vain so they can hook you up anytime they want. Really ??? What did you say is wrong with me again??  The Gastro guy comes in and tells me that none of the test show anything and he wants to do an endoscopy. For those of you not familiar with this, it is when they stick a camera down your throat. They relax me by telling me not to worry because" we will put you to sleep" some how that phrase didn't help. So, off we go to have that done. Now it's Wednesday. I haven't eaten anything or had a drink since Sunday. I haven't slept since Saturday. So, how our patient feeling?? That  suppose to be funny?? At least I had a little revenge, I stop breathing while I was under. That scared the crap out of the Dr. After I woke up I said to my wife 'that's it we are out of here. After all this what did they find ....looks like I had a stomach ache. So now after 10 hour of sleep, some food and water, I'm feeling fine. Am I done?  Eh, no. Now I have to make an appointment for a Colonoscopy. Another camera different place. We'll see how that goes I'm sure it will get me to thinking, and well ...writing.


  1. Go get the book... "Younger Next Year". You'll love it.

  2. Thanks Tony, I'll do that. Right now I'm reading Live longer stronger.

  3. There is something most intriguing
    When we don't watch what we are eating.
    Sausage and onion and peppers
    Might cause one to be a social leper.
    However; three days of torture were endured
    in search of this beastly turd.
    Probed and prodded with devices of pain
    All for naught, all in vain.
    The doctors searched again and again, but alas
    For already had passed that dastardly gas!

    Glad you're feeling better! Get some rest and let Sue spoil you (more)

  4. Colonoscopy, eh? Can't wait for the next blog! Pictures, too, please...

    Good blog. :) No more sickness, I can't handle another person I care about being sick...